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2015-09-15 12:26 am
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Fill out the application below and comment here 

You can apply for up to two characters. However, to pick up a third character you must be active at least two months and you must choose another character of another series if you are playing two of the same series.

From March 2016, your character must be either transferring from another university into the year you would like them to be (limited by age) or starting as a 1st year.


Copy/paste and fill in.

Once your application is accepted, please complete the following:

1. Read the [RULES].
2. Join these communities (in your character journal):[community profile] teamuni [community profile] teamuniooc [community profile] teamunilogs [community profile] teamuniopenlogs

3. Go to the [QUICK ADD] and comment with your journal name to be added. Add everyone else to your journal.

4. Post your [CONTACT INFO].

Please be patient. We will approve your application when we have the chance.